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Portfolio Category: Water Resources

Geologic and Hydrogeologic Investigation of the South Valley Superfund Site

Client: Confidential Law Firm Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Challenge. To support our client’s position in a natural resource damages case brought forth by the State of New Mexico. Solution. INTERA provided technical and litigation support for a geologic and hydrogeologic evaluation of a Superfund site in New Mexico. Our efforts included completing an evaluation…
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Deep, Non-potable Water Supply for a New Potash Mine

Client: Intercontinental Potash Corp. (USA) Location: Southeast New Mexico, USA Challenge. To identify, develop, and permit a 4,000-gpm (252 L/s) water supply and to manage the environmental permitting process for a proposed mine and mill in a region where freshwater resources are both scarce and the focus of public and regulatory concern. Solution. INTERA led…
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Establishment of Minimum Flows and Levels for Priority Water Bodies

Client: Multiple Water Management Districts Location: Florida Challenge. Establish minimum flows and levels (MFLs) to identify the limit at which further withdrawals would be significantly harmful to the water resources or ecology of the area. Solution. The MFL development process is multi-faceted and involves data collection and exploratory data analysis, statistical and/or hydrologic modeling, and…
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Evaluation of Groundwater Resources in the Permian Basin

Client: Multiple confidential oil and gas companies Location: West Texas and Southeast New Mexico, USA Challenge. Develop information on presence and extent of aquifers, hydrostratigraphy, water quality, and aquifer yields to support well siting and development for oil and gas production operations Solution. INTERA has performed groundwater resource analyses of all the fresh and brackish…
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