Challenge. Develop information on presence and extent of aquifers, hydrostratigraphy, water quality, and aquifer yields to support well siting and development for oil and gas production operations

Solution. INTERA has performed groundwater resource analyses of all the fresh and brackish water aquifers for several oil and gas companies in lease-specific areas across the Permian Basin in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. These detailed assessments provide information on all the water wells in each of the aquifers, including the Capitan, Dockum (Santa Rosa), Rustler, Pecos Valley Alluvium, Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) and Ogallala. The analyses include detailed interpretation of geophysical logs to identify lithologic sequences and aquifer presence and extent, base of usable quality water, aquifer thickness, water well locations, well yields and specific capacity, water levels and available drawdown, and water quality (brackish, fresh, and saline). We have also developed and applied groundwater models to evaluate the sustainability of groundwater production from several aquifers.