Challenge. In area with limited available hydrogeologic data, determine availability of water source to provide a minimum of 10 million gallons per day (MGD) required for operation of new power plant

Solution. Recognizing that the limited available data required an innovative analysis approach to provide the high level of confidence needed to project owners, regulators, and stakeholders, INTERA personnel used a set of specialized analytic element models to determine the likelihood that the required water was available near the proposed site. Our analysis showed that the water was available if pumped from the alluvial system with wells installed along the banks of the Sangamon River. The results included a complete description of the testing required during site characterization to design the wells and determine yield. Our innovative approach provided the assurances needed to satisfy regulators and help stakeholders consider the options for energy production in the area. This included a focused discussion on in-stream aquatic impacts and drought mitigation planning.