Challenge. Conduct required investigations and reporting to support development of a pioneering solar energy project to transform a former MSW landfill into a clean energy producing site.

Solution. To support development of the solar array on top of the former Eubank Landfill, INTERA completed an investigation to evaluate the presence of landfill gas at the site, developed a landfill gas assessment report, and evaluated the need for any required remediation, abatement, or monitoring associated with the project. These evaluations were performed in accordance with City of Albuquerque requirements for development on, or near, former landfill sites. We also developed a waste excavation plan in conformance with New Mexico Environment Department Solid Waste Bureau requirements to exhume and move waste at the site as part of development, and performed a geotechnical investigation (drilling, sampling, analysis, and reporting) of a storm drain alignment through buried waste. INTERA’s investigations, plans, and reports played a key role in obtaining City approval for construction of the solar array which has since been completed. The Eubank Landfill Solar Array is the largest commercial distributed power generation project in the State of New Mexico. The 2-megawatt solar array farm covers 17 acres and is supplying approximately 20 percent of the power requirements for EMCORE’s Albuquerque facilities.