Challenge: To identify and evaluate alternative water supply sources for improving drought resiliency. 

Solution: INTERA analyzed and ranked multiple source water alternatives based on yield, cost, location to existing infrastructure, and sustainability. The most promising alternative was a collector well using riverbank filtration at the existing well field. We completed a hydrogeologic field investigation to 1) assess the level of interconnection between the groundwater and lakes and river, 2) improve estimates of aquifer hydraulic properties, and 3) understand the aquifer dimensions. A monitoring network was used to collect temperature and water level data for normal operating conditions and for targeted aquifer testing at the South Well Field. The hydraulic parameters obtained from the field investigation were used to update a groundwater flow model and ultimately determine the yield and design of the collector well. 

Results: INTERA’s evaluation and subsequent recommendation and design of a 3 MGD collector well has produced a new, sustainable, and more drought resistant water supply for Illinois American Water.