Challenge. Provide routine operation and maintenance (O&M) services and other engineering and technical support to optimize collection and use of landfill gas (LFG)

Solution. Opened in 1990, the Cerro Colorado Landfill is an operating 390-acre waste disposal facility that accepts approximately 450,000 tons of residential and commercial solid waste each year. The landfill is also permitted to accept and safety dispose of petroleum contaminated soils (from oil spills, leaking storage tanks, etc.). INTERA has provided O&M services for the landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS) which is comprised of 46 LFG collection wells, a blower station, a candlestick flare, condensate recovery system, and a skid-mounted control and data storage system. Our routine work has included well field balancing to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), flare station monitoring and maintenance, surface emission monitoring, compliance reporting, and greenhouse gas emission monitoring and reporting. INTERA staff (certified as HDPE pipe joiners) have also completed pipeline/header repairs on portions of the GCCS. As part of initiating a gas-to-energy project, the City installed a gas compression skid adjacent to the flare station. INTERA assisted in the startup and shakedown of the gas compression skid which sequesters a portion of the LFG for a gas-to-energy boiler system operating at a remote New Mexico Corrections Department facility. Over two miles of conveyance pipeline between the compression skid and the correctional facility are maintained in accordance with the New Mexico Public Relations Commission, Pipeline Safety Bureau regulations.