Challenge. Serve as client liaison with RRC for submitting permit applications and required permit compliance data, and obtaining additional agency information to support oil and gas exploration and production projects

Solution. INTERA personnel have provided geoscience and engineering support for a variety of regulatory services on behalf of clients including compiling and reviewing data needed for permit applications, regulation compliance, technical hearing support, and personal delivery of time-sensitive documents and filings to the RRC. Our assistance has included coordination and filing of drilling permits (Form W-1), completion reports, and tight-gas applications. INTERA staff have also filed applications to extend plugging and abandonment as required by Oil & Gas Statewide Rule 15 (Form W-3X) on behalf our clients who are active operators. As part of these efforts, we have provided areas of review (AoRs) for proposed wells and developed stratigraphic models, structure maps, and geologic cross sections for regulatory review and filing. We have also developed and reviewed various types of Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits including salt water disposal (SWD), brine mining, and acid-gas disposal. In support of this work, INTERA staff have performed pressure-front calculations for SWD, flow modeling for acid-gas disposal, and developed environmental monitoring plans for injection permits.