Challenge: To decommission equipment and infrastructure at a semiconductor manufacturing facility in preparation for property divestiture and redevelopment.

Solution: INTERA provided third-party environmental consulting services during decommissioning activities for a portion of a semiconductor manufacturing facility.  Demolition activities included removal of raised flooring, ceiling tiles, process vents and ducting, sheetrock, process water supply piping, lighting, air recirculation and vacuum systems, concrete, wastewater/solvent conveyance systems/piping, and chemical product, waste/wastewater, and petroleum storage tanks.  Site assessment activities were conducted under the direction of an INTERA licensed Professional Engineer.  The site assessment activities evaluated and compared data from soil, water, and groundwater analyses to the Abatement Standard agreed to by the seller and the buyer and thereby determine if the Site met the client’s obligations under the Site Lease and Sale agreements. As part of establishing the Abatement Standard, a site-specific background study for naturally occurring metal concentrations was one of the initial tasks performed. Soil, water, and groundwater samples were collected from under concrete floors and slabs, pipe trench excavations, building crawlspaces, subsurface soils, and a temporary monitoring well, and analyzed for the Site constituents of concern. A formal Decommissioning Report, including a description of general procedures, a detailed summary of decommissioning activities, a QA/QC program description, and conclusions was prepared and certified by our Professional Engineer. The project supported the successful sale and repurposing of the facilities into a data center.

Results: INTERA’s efforts supported the successful sale of the Site and subsequent redevelopment into a data center.