Project-Somerset-TownhomesClient: Confidential Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA Challenge. Minimize construction contractor downtime by completing an expedited site-specific condition analysis to ensure structural foundations comply with coastal building codes Solution. When Pinellas County halted construction of a portion of a residential development one block landward of the Gulf of Mexico due to the planned foundations not meeting current coastal building codes, the construction contractor retained INTERA to perform a wave and beach erosion study incorporating state of Florida and FEMA wave and scour methodologies to determine potential erosion at the foundations. Our analyses examined long-term shoreline behavior, assessed site-specific storm-induced cross-shore erosion following state methods and guidelines, and modified erosion model results following FEMA methods to incorporate the effects of surrounding buildings on wave attenuation and beach erosion characteristics. We produced an analysis that was not only accepted by the county for local permitting purposes, but delivered on an expedited schedule to minimize the ongoing construction delay.