Shaden Musleh, technical expert in western water rights and prior appropriation doctrine, has joined INTERA’s Water Resources Division in Boulder, Colorado as a principal water resources engineer. He has over 23 years of demonstrated and proven experience in water rights and water resources planning and management. Mr. Musleh has developed cooperative solutions to water resources problems in multi-party settings and has led and managed numerous large-scale projects that involved providing management solutions to complex water resources problems. He has served as principal expert on numerous water rights cases in the western US, for which he has conducted analyses, negotiated settlements, and drafted decree terms and conditions. His work also includes development of basin-wide water resources management plans, water rights administration, analysis of groundwater pumping impact on streams, analysis of groundwater availability, evaluation of water demand and supply and analysis of the various practices associated with the diverse aspects of water rights applications. He is currently working on multiple water rights cases that involve determining historical depletions and return flow requirements associated with proposed changes of water rights; conducting analysis of water availability, yield, and exchange potential; analyzing the timing of well depletions, recharge accretions, and historical return flows; conducting seepage and loss studies of irrigation ditches; developing water rights accounting procedures for complying with in-priority and no-injury provisions while maximizing use of water supplies; preparing and reviewing water rights applications and drafting protective terms and conditions for water court decrees; providing expert disclosures and negotiations on behalf of clients in water rights cases, preparing and reviewing applications for substitute water supply plans; developing water rights models to simulate available supply as well as changes in supply under various demand, operational and climatic scenarios.