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Annelia Tinklenberg’s professional experience encompasses the areas of geologic and hydrogeologic studies, water rights analysis, water availability evaluations, water resource planning, aquifer testing, environmental media sampling, lake sediment sampling, permitting, and geographic information system applications. Through work with federal, state, and municipal agencies, as well as commercial industry, she has gained this experience on projects involving the evaluation, use, and management of water resources and the compliance with applicable regulations for protecting public health and the environment. In the area of water resource planning and management, Annelia has performed field investigations to evaluate stream flow gains and losses, installed and operated local weather stations, developed regional water budgets at the groundwater basin scale, quantified hydrologic processes such as evapotranspiration using remote-sensing methods and ground-truthing with observed weather data, collected and processed Landsat imagery to identify and quantify irrigated acreages, developed geodatabases of historic and current irrigation water rights, collected groundwater samples from monitoring wells, collected sediment cores and samples from lake sediments, and performed aquifer tests to establish the viability of using deep brackish water as a source for municipal and industrial water supplies. Her experience in environmental studies and assessments includes developing and implementing soil, lake sediment, surface water, and groundwater sampling and monitoring programs to support permitting of new mine sites and reclamation and closure of former mining operations; conducting environmental site assessments for renewable energy projects; and preparing greenhouse gas inventories and making recommendations for reducing these inventories. In performing work on both water resource and environmental projects, Annelia has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage projects to accomplish project goals and objectives, establish effective working relationships with clients to meet schedule and budget expectations, and present the results of studies and analyses to a variety of project stakeholders, including the general public.