Staff Directory

Beronica Lee-Brand brings expertise in the assessment, characterization, and remediation of sites with impacts to environmental media including soils, soil vapor, sediments, surface water, groundwater, and air. Working with federal, state, and municipal agencies, as well as commercial industry, she addresses impacts at Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), Brownfields, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Superfund, and leaking petroleum storage tank (LPST) sites in Texas and across the United States. Beronica’s experience ranges from performing and overseeing Phase I, II, and III environmental site assessments and the removal of drums containing hazardous wastes and leaking underground storage tanks, to the installation and operation of remediation systems to address light and dense non-aqueous phase liquids, and the abatement of lead-based paint and asbestos materials. To effectively meet project objectives, she assesses site needs and goals to identify the personnel and equipment resources that will be required to complete the work within budget and schedule, and meet data quality objectives and QA/QC requirements. Beronica has developed work plans and field sampling plans that accomplish site goals through the use of effective field techniques. She has also provided direct oversight of field work involving drilling and coring, sampling for laboratory analyses, and analysis of site data and documentation in reports.