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Brett Mayhew brings specialized experience in hydrogeology, structural geology, environmental science, and geothermal systems. Brett has developed regional-scale three-dimensional geologic frameworks, reservoir modeling of productive geothermal systems, structural fault models for slip and dilation tendency analysis, down to detailed, local-scale geologic characterization models of aquifer systems to support numerical fate and transport modeling of chemical and radiological contaminants. He has been involved in many aspects of environmental investigations including: well-site geology support, writing and designing sampling and analysis plans, analyzing and interpreting field sediment, surface water, and groundwater samples, performing aquifer tests and subsequent analysis of results, writing scripts for a wide range of modeling, structural geology, and remediation data, and writing technical reports ranging from remedial investigations to waste site engineering reports. Brett has extensive experience with three-dimensional and four-dimensional geologic and fluid modeling using a variety of modeling software packages and is an expert in building complex geologic models in EarthVision and Kingdom.