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Caroline Masek’s professional experience has focused on water resources engineering, with an emphasis on analysis of data, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of surface and groundwater systems, and geographic information systems. Her experience includes the use of state-of-the-art modeling software to assess water quantity and quality in support of project design and for preparation and submittal of permit applications for various developments and environmental restoration and mitigation activities. Caroline has worked on large water resources projects throughout the southern US in a variety of hydrologic settings. She has gathered and analyzed large amounts of data to support the development of adjusted historical flows for major rivers in order to protect state’s interests in water resources. She has been involved in the design of unique environmental restoration projects, which required detailed data collection and both event-based and continuous modeling of surface water, groundwater, and complex operations of major flood control infrastructure on a regional scale. ArcGIS was intensively applied by Caroline during the course of these projects, both for analysis and for modeling. She is familiar with many proprietary and specialized models, which she has used to support watershed management programs and surface water improvement and management programs. In addition to her modeling experience, Caroline has field experience in operating instrumentation and data collection, data logging and the installation and maintenance of well transducers, stream gaging stations, soil moisture probes, and small weirs for measurement of flow in creeks.