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Chao Li brings expertise in the areas of geomechanics, with a focus on coupled thermos-hydraulic-mechanical modeling, for a wide range of applications, including radioactive waste isolation, CO2 sequestration, landslides, structural and design analysis of geo-structures, and analysis of subsidence and uplift in reservoirs. He specializes in geomechanical aspects of nuclear waste storage, and his expertise and experience in this area includes modeling of initial stress at repository depth for a repository perimeter; modeling benchmark on nuclear waste disposal; joint interpretation of modeling results on in-situ, full-scale engineered barrier system experiments; sensitivity analyses of thermos-hydro-mechanical (THM) evolution; and assessment of tunnel failure during excavation at a testing site. Chao also consults on nuclear waste storage, natural hazard, and geostructure, including THM coupling sensitivity analysis in geological nuclear waste storage; risk assessment on landslides induced by earthquakes in Alpine regions; and feasibility analysis of the use of energy geostructures for thermal regulation and energy optimization of road networks and structures.