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Christelle Courbet’s professional experience has focused on hydrogeologic investigations, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling for various purposes, such as contaminated land remediation, water resource management, and mine dewatering. Her PhD work focused on optimizing a pump-and-treat system at a chemical plant where the groundwater was contaminated with chlorinated solvents. She then worked on a uranium mining site in Niger where she was involved in mine dewatering and hydraulic testing to characterize a multi-layer aquifer system. For the last five years, she has conducted various research projects which consisted in improving risk analyses of shallow radioactive waste disposals. These tasks have been completed using a wide range of analytical, numerical and geostatistical tools. She focused especially on better assessing radionuclide inventories of emergency clean-up waste in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone using a geostatistical approach. She also contributed to quantifying diffuse releases of radionuclides through the groundwater pathway from various legacy mining sites (in Poland, Bulgaria and France).