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Clark Griffith’s professional experience includes research and applied experience in the areas of contaminant transport, groundwater mechanics, geochemistry, statistics, numerical modeling, and hydrogeologic data acquisition and analysis. He has gained this experience on projects involving the protection of human health and the environment from contamination resulting from past industrial operations, the disposal of hazardous and radioactive wastes, and the management and use of groundwater resources. In support of geologic and hydrogeologic characterization efforts, Clark has conducted and analyzed hydraulic tests, performed groundwater sampling for water quality and age-dating analyses, installed vadose zone monitoring systems, and completed geologic mapping of fractures and subsurface testing of fracture connectivity. For a variety of federal, state, and municipal agencies, as well as commercial industry clients, Clark has contributed to projects aimed at investigating and determining the nature and extent of subsurface contamination as part of environmental restoration efforts, the permitting and licensing of hazardous and radioactive waste disposal facilities, the reclamation and closure of former mining operations, and the remediation and re-development of Brownfield and other decommissioned industrial properties. He has supported environmental investigation and remediation activities at nuclear material production and weapons testing sites, abandoned oil and gas exploration and production sites, Superfund sites, mining and mineral processing sites, power plant and utility sites, and commercial landfill disposal facilities. In addition, Clark has collected and analyzed hydrogeologic data to evaluate the location and availability of groundwater resources for use in oil and gas production, assess the use of groundwater for desalination operations, and as part of the environmental commissioning oversight during the design, construction, and startup of a water treatment plant. He has assisted in the development and application of flow and transport models, conducted sensitivity analyses of model parameters and results, and produced visualizations of model simulations. He has used a number of data analysis, management, and modeling tools and codes including ArcGIS, Groundwater Vistas, Groundwater Modeling System, AQTESOLV, ERDAS Imagine, HydroGeoAnalyst, SATOOL, and Subsurface Transport over Multiple Phases (STOMP).