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Clark Short’s professional experience encompasses utilizing both field and laboratory techniques to solve environmental problems. His project experience focuses on characterization and remediation of sites and includes working as a rig geologist during drilling at former landfills, and mill and mine sites; sampling and maintenance of a passive ventilation system for soil vapors at former gas station sites; soil vapor and groundwater sampling at various petroleum hydrocarbon investigation sites; and statistical analysis and database management of groundwater chemistry data from a variety of sites including uranium mill sites, uranium mine sites, and the a nitrate remediation project. Clark is experienced in the oversight of various drilling methods, including air rotary casing hammer, dual rotary, direct push, hollow-stem auger, and mud rotary techniques. He has also studied and modeled mechanisms of argon transport in heterogeneous media, and designed, constructed, and maintained laboratory and field sampling hardware, including ultra-high vacuum gas extraction systems, electronic control systems, and soil vapor extraction equipment.