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Donald “Max” Sheppard’s professional experience has focused on fluid dynamics and coastal engineering. As a professor at the University of Florida since 1969, he has worked actively in the fields of stratified flows, internal waves, bridge scour, structure induced scour, coastal and ocean hydrodynamics/processes, aeolean sand transport, response of ocean structures to hydrodynamic loading, and hydrodynamic forces on fixed and floating structures. In 1981, he left the university to become chief oceanographer and Head of the Oceanography Group at the Mobil Research and Development Corporation. In this role, he led a team of researchers with the mission to conduct research in those areas of offshore engineering pertinent to Mobil's offshore interests and serve as consultants in the areas of oceanography and ocean engineering for Mobil's affiliates around the world. In 1984, following his work at Mobil Research and Development Corporation, Max returned to the University of Florida and founded Ocean Engineering Associates (OEA), a civil, coastal and oceanographic engineering consulting firm, which was later acquired by INTERA. At approximately the same time, Max began investigating the processes that drive structure-induced sediment scour, particularly around bridge piers. Since that time, Max has garnered an international reputation for the contributions he has made to increase the understanding of these processes. In fact, the equations he developed for predicting bridge scour have been adopted by numerous agencies as the standards for predicting sediment scour at bridge foundations, and they have been used for numerous major bridges in several states including high profile bridges in the southern US.