Staff Directory

Douglas “Doug” Munch’s professional experience includes serving as Bureau Director of Ground Water Programs for the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) in northeast Florida for 33 years. As part of his time as Bureau Director, he administered a $4.8 million dollar budget, supporting groundwater resource investigations and water supply planning activities. These projects were conducted by staff and consultants throughout northeast and east-central Florida. He has managed and directly supervised 20 professionals and skilled staff including hydrologists, professional geologists, professional engineers and geographic information specialists. He has managed projects with focused in the areas of ground water monitoring network design and construction, plugging of abandoned artesian wells, and development of analytical and numerical groundwater flow models to evaluate impacts of current and projected water demands on the groundwater flow system. His projects have been performed primarily to support water supply planning and regulatory activities at the district level. Douglas has provided extensive interagency and intergovernmental coordination related to the technical aspects of water resources project planning, water supply development and management, and federal/state water resource regulatory issues.