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Erik Anderson is a professional engineer specializing in groundwater and surface-water hydrology and hydraulics. He has worked as a design engineer/consultant in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and as an assistant professor of Civil Engineering at the University of South Carolina. As a consultant, he has worked on water resources projects throughout the Midwest, including dam design and rehabilitation projects, dam-failure analyses and flood insurance studies, regional groundwater flow modeling for water supply and availability and wellhead protection studies, seepage studies, and dewatering design. His research has focused on analytical modeling of groundwater-surface water interaction, and developing tools to incorporate three-dimensional effects in two-dimensional, numerical models of groundwater flow. He has developed analytical methods for addressing groundwater flow problems with leaky boundaries and internal boundaries. The methods have been applied to solve problems of flow to clogged streambeds, pumping wells near partially-penetrating streams, and flow in faulted single- and multi-aquifer systems. Erik’s professional hobby is solving free-boundary problems using the hodograph method.