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Gerald “Gerry” Grisak’s professional experience encompasses hydrogeology, geology, and interdisciplinary geoscience investigations, as well as litigation support and expert testimony, specializing in contaminant hydrogeology in porous and fractured media. A recognized expert in hydrogeology, he has worked as an environmental and remediation expert on numerous hazardous and radioactive waste projects, including high-profile federal sites. He has served as lead investigator for developing groundwater availability data throughout the Permian Basin in support of quantifying fresh and brackish water alternatives for the oil and gas industry. He has provided geology and hydrogeology technical support in permitting a privately owned low-level radioactive waste disposal facility. For both private and government clients he has evaluated the geology and hydrogeology of highly-valued and sensitive aquifers in arid environments. He served as technical lead and principal in charge for several groundwater availability modeling contracts for a state agency. Gerry’s RCRA and CERCLA experience includes Part B Permitting, compliance and regulatory support for industrial facilities, and risk-based corrective action for industry and government clients. He has managed multi-site and multi-year state Superfund and underground storage tank contracts, and other state agency oil and gas production facility multi-site investigation and remediation contracts. Gerry has developed technical investigation programs for several national radioactive waste programs (US, Canada, and Switzerland) and has conducted field and numerical evaluations of numerous incidences of groundwater contamination. He holds a US Department of Energy Q security clearance.