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Guillermo Martínez’s experience encompasses research and applied experience in hydrology and water resources focused on the conceptualization, calibration, and evaluation of hydrologic models. His expertise also includes remote sensing, time series analysis, data mining, modeling of geomorphological processes, and application of artificial neural networks. His skills include programming in several computing and scripting languages, geographic information systems, and development of web-based information systems. Guillermo has applied his experience and skills to a variety of water resource evaluations, including modeling to study alternative operational rules for multi-reservoir systems, unsaturated flow modeling to support the hydrogeologic characterization and licensing of a low-level radioactive waste landfill facility, remote sensing studies to characterize irrigation practices and riparian vegetation, and hydrodynamic modeling to evaluate modifications to a river causeway. He has performed model diagnostics for water balance models and analyzed hydroclimatic databases for hundreds of catchments and he has practical knowledge in the publication of environmental databases through web-based applications for environmental entities.