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Allen Wehrmann’s professional experience as a hydrologist and groundwater engineer encompasses a wide variety of groundwater research activities, including groundwater quantity evaluation studies (aquifer testing and analysis, well and well-field design, and two-dimensional flow modeling), groundwater quality investigations of natural and contaminated aquifer quality, and studies on the influence of monitoring well construction and groundwater sampling techniques on sample results. He also contributed in the development of hydrogeologic siting criteria for locating hazardous or low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities in Illinois. As Head of the ISWS Center for Groundwater Science, Allen was involved with strategic planning for the Center, provided input to the Survey’s Plan for the Scientific Assessment of Water Supplies in Illinois, and in a cooperative initiative with the Illinois State Geological Survey, led his Center’s efforts to address the Governor’s Executive Order 2006-01 on statewide and regional water resource planning and management, including major research efforts on the Mahomet Aquifer. After retiring from the ISWS in 2011, he worked with a consulting firm as the technical lead under contract to a consortium of communities (led by the City of Champaign) in successfully petitioning US Environmental Protection Agency Region V to designate the Mahomet Aquifer of east-central Illinois as a sole-source aquifer. After joining INTERA, Allen provided his expertise to assess the impact of a proposed deep aquifer well in northern Illinois on surrounding municipal and residential wells. Currently he is contracting with the Mahomet Aquifer Consortium to compare current water withdrawals with water demand projections developed in 2008 for east-central Illinois, including Mahomet Aquifer withdrawals.