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Huseyin Demir’s professional experience encompasses developing, modifying, coupling, and running wave, circulation, and sediment transport models. His experience also includes bridge scour analysis and statistical methods such as extreme value analysis and artificial neural networks. He applies his expertise to design and evaluate coastal conditions for bridges, roadways, and other coastal structures including revetments and seawalls. He has participated in many field campaigns surveying beaches and measuring waves and currents. His expertise and research in development of met-ocean conditions, linear and non-linear sea surface simulations, statistical methods, and programming created new capabilities and software for his clients. The Federal Highway Administration’s HEC-18 Scour Evaluation Manual, Florida Department of Transportation’s Scour Manual and Unknown Foundations Evaluation Methodology, and scholarly journals have incorporated the results of his research. He has worked on coastal projects in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Mississippi, and Texas. He applies the numerical modeling tools SWAN, WAM, REF/DIF-S, ROMS, ADCIRC, HEC-RAS, RMA2, SED2D, GENESIS, and SBEACH, and the programming languages Fortran, R, and MATLAB to help provide an understanding of coastal conditions. He has managed various coastal projects including Bridge Hydraulic Reports and roadway protection.