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James Pinkard’s experience has focused on hydrogeologic framework characterization and water resource analysis. He has constructed geologic maps characterizing the lithology and water quality within an aquifer and created and implemented various python scripts for the development of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional cross sections. James’ experience includes evaluating geophysical log data, geochemical data, and aquifer test data to assess groundwater fresh water and brackish groundwater resources. Much of James’ professional experience focuses on the integration of real world field data and computational numerical analysis and he has employed spatial and numerical analyses to determine well screen elevation, percentage of a well screen in a given formation, number of wells screened in a given formation, and percent drawdown in wells. He has analyzed projected pumping vulnerability estimates in support of various groundwater conservation district well monitoring programs. James has considerable experience with geographical information systems and database management including illustrating aquifer and geologic units within the subsurface, constructing potentiometric maps, compiling contaminant concentration graphs and maps, conducting analyses and quality assurance for analytical laboratory data, and assisting with the preparation of geologic and hydrogeologic characterization reports. He is proficient with ArcView, Subsurface Analyst, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and the Python Script Language. James’ field experience includes coordinating water sampling efforts for state agency projects involving groundwater age dating, core logging, well development, collection of soil, surface water, and groundwater samples, and onsite water quality testing and alkalinity titrations.