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Jean Croisé specializes in geoscientific studies and engineering, and is an expert in conducting in-situ hydraulic investigations in porous and fractured rocks and performing synthesis and numerical modeling of groundwater flow and transport of heat and fluids. He brings experience in hydraulic site-characterization and quantitative evaluation of the effects of various physical processes on the flow of fluids and transport of solutes in porous rock formations. Jean has contributed to projects involving the planning, supervision, and interpretation of hydraulic tests and fluid logging investigations in deep boreholes; design of hydraulic testing programs for the characterization of rocks and barrier structures in underground caverns in the context of waste isolation; migration of gas and water in porous formations and in geomaterials; transport of radionuclides in groundwater; hydrogeological syntheses, particularly for characterizing Clay rocks. He has also authored and co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed papers and scientific communications on the topic of contaminant hydrogeology and gas/water flow and heat transport in porous media.