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Jevon Harding’s professional experience has included research and applied experience in the areas of flow and transport in hydrologic systems, hydrogeology and aquifer mechanics, runoff and flood processes, groundwater remediation, and water law. In support of water resource evaluations and management, she has performed analyses to quantify hydrologic and hydrogeologic processes and properties, applied geographic information systems to manage, analyze, and map data, developed and applied numerical models, and designed and implemented field data collection programs. Jevon has contributed to projects for state, regional, and local water authorities, as well as commercial industry, including the development of groundwater availability models of aquifer systems to support long-term water planning, the use of models to evaluate seawater intrusion and its impacts on water supply systems, the assessment of impacts to watersheds from climate change, and the design of rainwater harvesting systems to reduce water usage. Her experience also includes coordinating and presenting workshops and establishing other community outreach efforts to communicate technical and scientific information on topics such as water use and conservation.