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Joan Blainey’s experience encompasses research and applied uncertainty, importance, and risk analysis as applied to modeling of hydrologic systems, including groundwater flow, solute transport, and water availability at the regional and local scales. She has developed and applied models in support of environmental restoration activities, licensing and permitting of radioactive and hazardous waste disposal facilities, and water resources management. In the area of environmental restoration, she has used models to help determine the nature and extent of subsurface contamination, evaluate various remedial alternatives, define regulatory boundaries for corrective actions, and design long-term monitoring networks. Joan has also applied her modeling expertise in the area of water resource management to evaluate the impacts of future groundwater pumping, locate and design water supply wells, estimate spatially distributed precipitation to assess variations in climate, and quantify recharge and runoff potential in arid and semi-arid basins. She has developed expertise in working with a wide variety of groundwater flow and transport codes including FEHM, HYDRUS, MODFLOW, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MT3DMS, PLUMECALC, and STOMP; geostatistical and mathematical software including MATLAB, R, and S-PLUS; programming languages including FORTRAN, C, Perl, and Python; optimization codes including PEST and UCODE; and ArcGIS geographic information system software.