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John Sigda’s professional experience encompasses quantitative hydrology working to solve problems in the saturated and vadose zones, mine hydrology and permitting, flow and transport modeling, groundwater remediation, seawater intrusion, field and lab measurement of hydraulic properties, watershed management, and water supply and sanitation in developing countries. He has built modeling tools with the MODFLOW, MODFLOW SURFACT, HYDRUS, MT3DMS, FEFLOW, TimML, and STOMP codes to assess closure impacts from mine wastes and pit lakes, estimate dewatering inflows, design plume capture systems, secure operating licenses and permits for radioactive waste disposal facilities, assess and improve the performance of groundwater protection systems, secure regulatory approval for new mine works and expansions, and develop remediation goals and guide remediation efforts at sites with sediments, soil, and groundwater contaminated by fuels, heavy metals, radionuclides, nitrates, and chlorinated solvents. John has provided technical expertise to water supply agencies, mining companies, state agencies, law firms, federal agencies, counties, cities, and private companies with projects located across the US and internationally in Australia. As part of his commitment to service work in his personal life, John also spent six years promoting improved water supplies, sanitation, and child survival and development in Kenya and Tanzania.