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Kimberly ‘Kim’ Gordon’s professional experience encompasses modeling, environmental assessments, water resource evaluations, site and reservoir characterization, geologic modeling, numerical modeling, regulatory filings, and litigation support for environmental, oil and gas, and government clients. She has specific experience in site characterization design and conceptual model development, numerical model simulation to assess multi-phase flow characteristics and to optimize production systems, and evaluation and remediation of chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons. She has designed and executed field studies for site and reservoir characterization with dynamic workflows that update in real time. Kim has used a wide variety of data types including both geologic and petrophysical to develop multiple-scale geologic models ranging from site-wide to regional models. She has developed and implemented a wide variety of numerical simulations for the assessment of reservoir potential and the evaluation and optimization of remedial strategies. She has assisted clients with regulatory filings and provided detailed reports for regulatory hearings. She also provides other litigation support services and expert opinions for environmental and oil and gas clients. Kim has managed projects for environmental, government, and oil and gas clients ranging in budgets from several thousand dollars to several million dollars. Her unique qualifications as both a licensed professional engineer and professional geoscientist allow her to serve as a project liaison for multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, managers, and government officials.