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Larry Coons’ professional experience has focused on applying his skills in geology, hydrogeology, and engineering to projects in New Mexico and throughout the Rocky Mountain west. He is a classified expert witness in groundwater hydrology, aquifer hydraulics, groundwater engineering, disposal cell performance assessments, and civil engineering, and has provided testimony in both judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings. Larry has specialized expertise in the design and permitting of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills, and the environmental and geotechnical assessment of old landfills. This includes assessment of landfill gas related to development on or near former landfills, and engineered systems to abate and monitor landfill gasses to protect human health and the environment. Larry has been responsible for waste excavation planning, excavation oversight, removal activities, and cleanup certification for numerous landfill sites. He has also developed expertise in forensic analysis of damaged structures related to moisture intrusion into underlying soils, and has provided expert testimony in support of commercial and residential property distress projects. Larry has been involved with the performance assessment and final cover design of waste repositories for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Subtitle D MSWs, Subtitle C hazardous waste landfills, and several 40 CFR 192 Title I uranium mill tailings sites. He also has specialized expertise in the assessment and design of earthen cover systems for waste repositories in arid and semi-arid climates.