Staff Directory

Lee Dalton’s professional experience has focused on the assessment, investigation, and remediation of contaminated sites. He serves as a project manager on various types of projects and has performed duties including project planning, budgeting, implementation, and reporting, as well as leading field efforts in the collection, organization, and reporting of pertinent site data. He has served as the author on numerous project reports that document site activities and data results for both private industry and government agency clients. In addition to his role as project manager, Lee serves in various technical capacities including field manager, field team leader, rig geologist, project geologist, and health and safety officer on projects involving the investigation and characterization of surface and subsurface contamination. His project work has been completed for various clients ranging from commercial to municipal, state, and federal government agencies. His project work has involved varying types of contaminants of concern including radioactive materials, nitrate and nitrite, metals, chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, and landfill gases. He is accomplished in all phases of site investigation and remediation and has supported numerous successful investigation and closure projects.