Staff Directory

Marius Jigmond is a GIS Analyst, Modeler and Programmer whose professional experience has focused on building and applying GIS tools and techniques for water resources applications. He is an expert in geodatabase management and web-mapping tools and is also experienced in modeling, having worked with MODFLOW, PEST, and other similar modeling programs. Marius has excellent programming and scripting skills and is fluent in Linux, Python, and Javascript, among others. He has supported scientists in their analysis of groundwater chemical constituents by building automated live charting tools within a web-mapping application that allow the scientists to compare wells and constituents on the fly within a browser. He has also been integral in educating stakeholders on select projects through his creation of aquifer structures in 3D interactive PDF documents. In support of modeling, he has built and maintained high performance computing clusters for parameter estimation and model calibration and prediction. Marius has written visualization software for model calibration processes and has automated numerous time consuming workflows for efficiency and easy repeatability across different projects. He has also setup proprietary and open-source geo-servers for querying and publishing geospatial data in the public and private sectors using both in-house and cloud hardware solutions.