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Mark Williams brings specialized expertise in the areas of groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, site investigations for groundwater quality, data assimilation for developing conceptual site models, and innovative groundwater remediation technologies. He has applied this expertise in support of environmental restoration projects at U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Superfund sites where contaminants include hexavalent chromium, strontium-90, uranium, and trichloroethylene. Mark has developed and applied numerical models using a wide range of simulators (e.g., STOMP, CFEST, TOUGHReact, PORFLOW, FEHM, PFLOTRAN) to support the design and optimization of remediation systems, guide future investigation efforts, predict impacts at regulatory boundaries, support facility licensing/permitting, and predict long-term contaminant fate. He is also a patent holder for a flow-through microelectrode system for water quality measurements.