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Marna Parslow has more than 20 years of professional experience in data architecture, database design; computer programming, and water resources engineering. Her areas of expertise include database design, database programming, and software development in SQL Server, PostreSQL, Access, PL/SQL, Visual Studio, Fortran, HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP) and Java Script. Marna writes pre- and post-processing applications in Visual Studio .NET and Fortran for modeling groundwater, contaminant transport, geochemistry, and the unsaturated zone, and has performed modeling using codes that include MODFLOW, MT3D, BIOPLUME, EQ3/6, Opus, HELP, and CEQUAL-2. She has designed a variety of data driven solutions from the ground up, and uses her experience in engineering and data layer architecture to develop data management standards and practices that include QC protocols, in house extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools and a variety of data visualization tools that allow project teams and stakeholders to efficiently analyze and effectively communicate data and results.