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Mart Oostrom brings specialized expertise in the development and application of numerical models to evaluate groundwater flow and contaminant transport and the effectiveness of various environmental remediation methods and technologies. Some of his recent experience includes quantifying contaminant flux into groundwater at various deep-vadose zone waste disposal sites; conducting reservoir modeling for enhanced oil recovery and CO2 sequestration; remediating the vadose zone using ammonium injection, soil dessication, and/or pore-water extraction; and developing a circulation method to quantify back-diffusion of dissolved contaminants into permeable sediment. Mart is co-author of the STOMP© (Subsurface Flow over Multiple Phase) simulator, a mathematical model used to numerically simulate subsurface (multiphase) flow and transport as well as vadose zone and groundwater remediation. STOMP's target capabilities were guided by proposed or applied remediation activities at sites contaminated with volatile organic compounds and/or radioactive material. The simulator's modeling capabilities address a variety of subsurface environments, including nonisothermal conditions, fractured media, multiple-phase systems, nonwetting fluid entrapment, soil freezing conditions, nonaqueous phase liquids, first-order chemical reactions, radioactive decay, solute transport, dense brines, nonequilibrium dissolution, and surfactant-enhanced dissolution and mobilization of organics. Mart is Associate Editor of the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology and has authored over 100 refereed journal articles and contributed to book chapters on the subjects of multifluid flow, site characterization, remediation, and monitoring.