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Mitchell Tufford brings expertise in the design, development, and implementation of software solutions to support environmental restoration and water resource management projects. These solutions typically take the form of mobile and web-based applications that enhance the efficiency of client operations. Examples include a client/server mobile web application for recording, validating, and storing water meter reading information as part of managing groundwater resources and web application tools to interactively view site geology/hydrogeology, water quality, and water level information. Mitchell’s programming expertise includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, JAVA, C#/.NET, and PHP, and he has worked with several web development frameworks, such as JQuery, Django, FrameWork7, Leaflet, Highcharts, Node.js, and Dojo. Mitchell is also versed in multiple database platforms such as SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL Server Administration, Application Development, Network Management and Network Security. He is fluent in the use and configuration of Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS systems, as well as the configuration and deployment of Windows and Linux servers.