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Nicolas Barret’s professional experience has focused on geological and hydrogeological modeling. He has conducted modeling studies in the areas of high-level radioactive waste isolation projects, mining activities, and environmental assessment and restoration initiatives. In Europe, Nicolas has performed hydrogeological modeling for risk analysis assessment for nuclear waste disposals in France and Slovenia. In the US, he has performed code benchmarking and quality reviews for a former nuclear test site in Nevada. He completed geostatistical studies to evaluate sites with contaminated soils and groundwater and participated in Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, including oil refineries, chemical plants, and a nuclear power plant. Nicolas’s international experience includes projects for mining companies in Australia, Canada, Mauritania, New Caldonia, and the federal government in the US. He is proficient in FeFlow, Groundwater Vista/MODFLOW Surfact, PEST, Isatis, GoCad and Leapfrog.