Staff Directory

Oliver Wittman brings experience in hydrogeology, geophysics, and geographic information systems (GIS). He installs and operates equipment used to conduct hydrogeologic field investigations, including the instrumentation of aquifer tests requiring new monitoring wells and sensors to record water level, temperature, and other parameters. Some of his other field activities include geophysical surveys, water-quality sampling, surface water flow measurement, and general logistics associated with field data collection. Mr. Wittman provides his hydrogeological expertise on projects involving community wellhead protection plans, where he has served as on-site geologist on active drill sites, and data reduction and management. He is an experienced user of all ESRI and open-source GIS tools used to develop maps, spatial databases, graphs, and figures and has created geologic cross-sections and hydrographs and provided interpretations of aquifer properties from well logs, soil/water balance models, and potential contaminant source inventories.