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Pat Jurcek’s professional experience has focused on hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, geophysics, and water supply development. Mr. Jurcek has applied his expertise on a wide variety of water resource and water supply projects involving high capacity well and well field siting for municipal and industrial clients, groundwater-surface water interaction, desalinization water supply development, and aquifer characterization in fractured, porous, and unconsolidated aquifers. He has experience in the application of numerous drilling technologies, well design and construction in various geologic environments and to depths of 3,000 feet, and in high capacity well rehabilitation investigations. Mr. Jurcek specializes in conducting geophysical surveys for groundwater exploration and environmental and geotechnical applications from near surface to depths greater than 2,000 feet, and in using electrical resistivity for terrestrial and marine surveys, electromagnetics (TDEM and FDEM), gravity, magnetics, seismic refraction, self-potential (terrestrial and marine surveys), audio-magnetotellurics, and borehole geophysical logging technologies and methods in the field. Prior to joining INTERA, Mr. Jurcek worked for over two decades for a large international water supply contractor providing technical support for their water supply and mining operations throughout the US and Mexico.