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Patrick Tara’s professional experience has focused on the areas of water resources engineering, specifically surface water hydrology, groundwater, hydraulics, and integrated surface water/groundwater (SW/GW) hydrologic systems. His experience includes hydrologic data collection and analysis (both temporal and spatial), and the development and application of SW/GW, hydrologic, hydraulic, transport, water quality, and salinity numerical models. Patrick has applied various models to watersheds, estuaries, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and tidal inlets to support establishing minimum flows and levels (MFLs) needed to protect ecological resources, manage water supplies and natural systems, evaluate and implement restoration alternatives and actions, and estimate water quality impacts and sediment transport. He is experienced in temporal hydrologic data analysis including water budget studies, statistical modeling, and trend and cluster analysis. Patrick routinely uses geographic information systems as a tool for spatial data management and processing, particularly as it is related to land-use analysis and the assessment and management of water resources. His hydrologic data collection experience includes the installation and maintenance of equipment to record tide levels, water levels in wells, lake/river stage, rainfall, Doppler velocity, weather, pan evapotranspiration (ET), and soil moisture. He is proficient in using a wide variety of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software and codes including MODFLOW, HSPF, PRMS, HEC-RAS, IHM, MIKE SHE, HydQual, and PEST.