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Patrick Williamson brings expertise in developing, implementing, and managing projects relating to hydrogeology, hydrology, and geochemistry. This expertise extends to technical project design, including contract negotiations and management, cost estimation/ tracking, logistics and preparation of technical reports. He has broad experience in environmental geochemistry of groundwater, surface water, sediments, mine waste and soils, as well as modeling (groundwater, water balance and geochemistry). He specializes in managing geochemical and hydrogeologic investigations for mining projects, including water balances, water resource evaluation and development, waste rock characterization, mine de-watering, and permitting studies for due diligence, PEA, PFS, feasibility studies (FS), operations, and closure. Patrick has specialized experience in Mexico regulations and international criteria for mine development, environmental permitting, and mine waste management; as well as international project experience in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Argentina.