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A member of INTERA's Executive Team and Vice President of the mining and water resources group based in New Mexico, Peter Castiglia is responsible for the operations that provide hydrogeology, geochemistry, and engineering services to the company's mining clients. As a Senior Hydrogeologist, Peter leads multi-disciplinary teams in the development of water-supply strategies for mineral processing and mining operations, approaches for dewatering underground operations, and predictive tools to evaluate potential impacts of proposed operations on water resources. Some of his recent project work includes the design, drilling, logging, completion, and testing of deep (>4,000 ft/1,200 m) production wells and securing approvals for the construction, operation, and closure of mineral properties. Prior to consulting, Peter conducted research in Latin America focused on the sedimentology and hydrogeology of "salars" or "playas", which are the closed basins that commonly host mineral-enriched brines. He is proficient (written and Spoken) in Spanish, a licensed professional geologist, and a Qualified Person, as defined by Canadian National Instrument 43-101.