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Quentin Giraud applies his geological and hydrogeological expertise on projects involving environmental site investigation and remediation and groundwater resources management. In support of several investigations to delineate the nature and extent of contamination in subsurface soils and groundwater, he has supervised field teams responsible for conducting gas, soil, and water sampling campaigns. Quentin has participated in numerous drilling programs to assess, develop, and manage groundwater resources for the mining industry, and his efforts have included designing and interpreting pumping tests. He has also completed evaluations of acid mine drainage. His recent experience has focused on developing and applying numerical models to evaluate the fate and transport of subsurface contaminants. He has used models to simulate the pumping and removal of dense non-aqueous phase liquid in a shallow aquifer, design a water level drawdown system, evaluate water quality, and predict future water supplies. Quentin is an expert in applying a variety of modeling platforms including TMVOC, mView, Leapfrog, Surfer, FEFLOW, MODFLOW, MapInfo, and Matlab and using programming languages such as C++ and Fortran to support geologic and hydrogeologic studies.