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Raghavendra "Raghu" Suribhatla’s experience is focused on computational groundwater and surface water hydrology, and hydrogeophysical data integration. He has led or managed modeling projects for government, private, and legal clients and has authored/co-authored innovative research proposals to the Departments of Defense and Energy and secured external and internal competitive research funds. His project experience includes developing and updating numerical models for several water resources and remediation projects in California. Dr. Suribhatla specializes in stochastic modeling, analytical methods, integrated surface water-groundwater modeling and data integration methods. His research background includes developing new analytical techniques for modeling flow in anisotropic domains and implementation of non-Gaussian conductivity models for anisotropic formations, inverse modeling and quantification of parameter uncertainty, innovative techniques for subsurface characterization including hydraulic tomography, and geophysical data integration. He has parallel programming experience in Fortran MPI and MATLAB distributed computing, has authored/co-authored seven peer-reviewed articles in applied mathematics, water resources, and environmental engineering journals, and has developed design tools for groundwater remediation.