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Rainer Senger’s professional experience encompasses water-resources investigations, reservoir characterization studies, and site characterization and performance assessment of potential waste sites in the US, Canada, Switzerland, France, Israel, and Japan. He has also been involved in water resources investigations and responsible for developing groundwater availability models for several of the major aquifers in using standard groundwater modeling codes, such as MODFLOW. He has performed various deterministic and probabilistic assessment studies and has been involved in a variety of investigations for hydrogeological characterization and geosystems modeling of potential nuclear waste repository sites. In the area of site characterization, Rainer specializes in two-phase flow phenomena associated with migration of waste-generated gas from a potential waste repository, which includes coupled two-phase hydromechanical processes. He has managed and executed over 50 gas modeling projects ranging in budgets from $10,000 to $500,000, primarily in support of the site characterization and safety assessment efforts for national and international waste isolation projects. To perform this work, he uses a variety of numerical modeling tools such as the TOUGH2 code. He also has experience in thermo-hydrologic modeling using the FEFLOW code, reservoir simulation studies using ECLIPSE, and coupled reservoir- geomechanical simulation using GEOSIM.