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Randolph “Randy” Arthur’s experience encompasses field, laboratory, and geochemical modeling gained from projects ranging from the commercial development of mineral and water resources to the final disposal of radioactive materials in geologic repositories. His primary area of expertise is focused on the use of geochemical thermodynamics to develop conceptual and numerical models of fluid-rock interactions. He has applied this expertise to various mining related projects, including the planning and execution of exploration campaigns for uranium and gold deposits, experimental investigations of the recovery of base and precious metals from geothermal brines, due diligence assessments of proposed potash mining operations, and evaluations of engineered systems for the mitigation of contaminant transport from mill tailings and waste rock. Randy also has experience in the characterization of groundwater resources based on critical evaluations of the analytical quality and representativeness of hydrochemical and isotopic data collected in borehole investigations, and the application of empirical, geostatistical, and geochemical modeling tools to identify equilibrium and kinetic constraints on water chemistry. He has assisted international research and development organizations and regulatory authorities in evaluating design, fabrication, emplacement, and post-closure performance issues related to the engineered barrier systems in geologic repositories for high-level and low/intermediate level radioactive wastes. Technical investigations supporting these projects have included the construction of internally consistent thermodynamic databases for geochemical and geo-engineered (e.g., clay-based and cementitious) systems, and the development of reactive-transport models of waste form dissolution. Randy has consulted for mining companies, research laboratories, regulatory authorities, and electrical utilities in the US, UK, Sweden, Finland, France, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and Australia. He has authored or co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports.