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Raziuddin “Raz” Khaleel’s experience has focused on numerical modeling, and groundwater, vadose zone, and surface water hydrology. His areas of expertise include groundwater and vadose zone modeling; performance and risk assessment modeling; and research, teaching, and consulting in hydrology. He has worked at for federal governmental agencies, including work on six groundwater modeling data packages. Raz also led the development and application of geostatistical, artificial neural network, and pedotransfer function-based parameter estimation modeling. His experience also includes serving as technical lead and primary author of a database on vadose zone soil hydraulic properties for a federal government facility and technical lead and supervisor for work on performance assessment/risk assessment modeling for solid waste burial sites. He has conducted a training workshop on vadose zone and groundwater modeling for the Department of Energy in Washington, D.C., and led technical peer review panels on performance assessment modeling. Raz has aptitude in modeling software and has used STOMP in support of Field Investigation Reports for various tank farms and far-field hydrology work in support of performance assessment modeling. He has also modeled flow and radionuclide transport through fractured basalts and led the conceptual design and development of a large-scale above-ground geologic test facility for validation of repository performance assessment codes for groundwater flow, heat transport, and mass transport. Raz also specializes in detailed evaluations of computer codes for applications to repository performance assessments.