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Richard “Rick” Scadden’s professional experience has focused on the areas of site investigation and remediation, facility commissioning and decommissioning, environmental auditing, air quality compliance, air emissions banking and trading, regulatory evaluations and negotiations, litigation support, and project management. Through his past experience working directly for an electric utility, he brings specialized expertise in completing site investigation and remediation projects that address the Toxic Substance Control Act requirements pertaining to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). His experience as an electric utility Environmental Manager also provides Rick with a unique owner perspective in complying with federal and state regulations regarding air, water, and wastewater quality; land use; and solid and hazardous waste management. He has conducted site investigation and remediation activities to address environmental impacts to soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, building surfaces, and equipment resulting from contamination by metals, PCBs, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum products, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated solvents. Rick’s experience covers a wide spectrum of sites and facilities including operational and decommissioned power plants; electric utility service centers, substations, and equipment storage yards; Superfund sites; petroleum storage facilities; oil and gas exploration and production sites; transportation infrastructure; municipal landfills and commercial waste management and disposal facilities; and other industrial sites. He has a proven ability to work collaboratively with clients and regulators to design and implement cost-effective investigation and remediation activities that meet state risk-reduction guidelines and document these activities in high-quality technical reports such as affected property assessment reports, remedial action plans, and remedial action completion reports. His technical leadership and project management skills have been applied successfully to projects ranging in size from $10,000 to more than $3 million.